Volunteer Requirements We require that all of our volunteers on the Boutique Shopping Event Days be females 20 years or older. Some of the girls that visit us are in foster care or shelters and privacy is a requirement, we cannot even know their last name. Others that visit us do not want their peers to know their financial situation or would feel very uncomfortable selecting a dress with another teenager. We find it best to have adult women, as not to embarrass anyone who visits us.

This station will handle the registration and check-in of all of your princesses. It will also be the station where Fairy Godmothers are paired with their princess.

At our Cinderella’s Closet we like to wrap all of their accessories in pink tissue paper and steam their dress before they leave. We do not steam the dresses prior to the give-away event. Steaming the dress on the spot is a special act of service to our princesses. It is another way to show that we care.

Personal Shopper/Fairy Godmother
This job entails a variety of responsibilities. You will be assigned a Princess and your primary job as a personal shopper will be to help her select a dress, shoes, and accessories. This job will include sorting, sizing, hanging dresses, and organizing the accessories. First and foremost the service you give to your Princess will make her feel special.

You will be responsible for keeping the jewelry displays replenished and suggesting and helping your Princess choose the perfect earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

This job requires alterations that are basic. Most of the projects are basic hems, taking up straps, and minor repairs. You will need to bring your own sewing machine and supplies.